Netmax Technologies is providing AVR microcontroller training in Ludhiana.

AVR is a term that stands for Alf Vegard RISC processor. It is an 8-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller developed by ATMEL in 1996. AVR is considered to be one of the foremost microcontrollers that is used on-chip flash memory for storage unlike re programmable ROM, EPROM, EEPROM. Basically, AVR is considered to be a machine where data and programs are stored on physical memory systems who appear in different memory spaces.

AVR microcontroller training in Ludhiana focuses on the featured families of AVRavr microcontroller training in ludhiana avr microcontroller training in ludhiana AVR microcontroller training in ludhiana avrr
  • TinyAVR
  • MegaAVR
  • Xmega
  • application-specific AVR
  • 32-bit AVRs
AVR microcontroller training in Ludhiana provides the students with the practical implementation of the code along with the project. The development tools and the Evaluation kits used are:
  • ATmega 8515 kit
  • Basic Introduction to AVR Microcontrollers
  • Different AVR uCs like Atmega8515, Atmega8, Atmega32
  • Pin Detail of Atmega32, Atmega8515
  • Programming in Embedded C and C compilers
  • Machine code burning techniques with USB programmer and netmax ISP
  • Hardware Interfacing and programming in Embedded C of following External and on-chip devices with AVR
    • LED Interfacing and programming
    • Switch Interfacing and programming
    • Relay Interfacing and programming
    • Stepper Motor Interfacing and programming
    • DC motor Interfacing and programming
    • LCD Display Interfacing, Programming and Graphic generation
    • Seven segment display, interfacing, and programming
    • RF module interfacing of & Programming for wireless switching and data transmission
    • Ps2 keyboard Interfacing and programming
    • Analog to digital converter Interfacing and programming
    • On-chip serial communication and programming
    • On-chip timer/counter Interfacing and programming
    • On-chip PWM module Interfacing and programming
    • On-chip software and hardware interrupt Interfacing and programming
    • On-chip Analog comparator Interfacing and programming etc

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