Netmax is providing Matlab training from basic to advance level. Netmax is only institute, which is providing matlab training in ludhiana. Matlab is an important tool which is used in Electronics, electrical, computer science almost all engineering streams even medical equipment manufacture, service provider also use this ultimate software. Today we use speech or image recognisation softwares/hardware which is not possible without help of matlab. Matlab is powerful tool for signal matching of any kind, all the matching algorithms use mathematical calculations.

Detailed Syllabus followed for Matlabmatlab training in ludhiana matlab training in ludhiana MATLAB Training in Ludhiana matlab logo training in ludhiana Netmax is as under :

Basic Matlab Training in ludhiana Syllabus:-

I) Introduction to Matlab
1. Matlab as {best} calculator
2. Introduction to various toolbars and windows in matlab
3. Operations with variables
a) Naming
b) Checking existence
c) Clearing
d) Operations
4. Matrices vectors and Scalars
a) Columns and rows: creation and indexing
b) Size & length
c) Multiplication, division, power
d) Operations
5. Writing script files
a) Logical variables and operators
b) Flow control
c) Loop operators
6. Writing functions
a) Input/output arguments
b) Function visibility, path.
c) Example: Matlab startup
a) Useful commands for 2D plotting
b) Figures and subplots
c)Stem plot
d)Bar plot
e)Histogram plot
8.Importing and exporting data through matlab

Advanced Matlab Training in ludhiana Syllabus:


II) Digital Signal Processing in Matlab.
1. Plotting sine, cos, tan signals
2. Signal advancing, delaying
3. Cross correlation signal, auto correlation signals
4. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of signals
5. Formatting of the plot.
6. Simple and Circular convolution

III) Introduction to Image Processing
1. Understanding Image types (RGB,Grayscale,Indexed,black and white)and their formats (JPEG, BMP)
2. Image import and export commands
3. Various image operations(Resizing ,Croping,rotating)
4. Resolving image into a 2D Matrix with single channel.
5. Resolving image into pages such as color channels
6. Detecting Red, Green, Blue Colors from image.
7. Detecting Intensity from Image and varing the intensity of image
8. Introduction to Edge Detection
9. Counting objects in an image with white background.

IV) Audio video analysis
1. Triggering webcam(Manual and Immediate)
2. Capturing image through webcam.
3. Preview using webcam
4. Audio recording commands.
5. Video recording commands.
6. Voice recognition algorithm

V) Handle graphics and user interface.
1. Pre-defined dialogs
2. Handle graphics
a) Graphics objects
b) Properties of objects
c) Modifying properties of graphics objects
3. Menu-driven programs
a) Controls: uimenu and uicontrol
b) Interactive graphics
c) Large program logic flow

Optional Module in Matlab Training in ludhiana:


VI) Matlab and Arduino(Hardware interfacing)
1. Serial Communication between matlab and Arduino
2. Matlab commands to on/off led connected to arduino
3. Triggering webcam and capturing image by pressing switch through arduino
4. Controlling motors via sending data via matlab serially
5.Detecting Red,green,blue colour objects and displaying on lcd.

Matlab training in ludhiana adopted by electronics/electrical engineers, students and some special medical equipment technicians, medical students and security experts. Netmax is one and only one institute providing quality matlab training in ludhiana.

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