Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd Ludhiana provides the best automation training in ludhiana

Netmax Technologies covers all the latest technologies that are required to implement industrial automation.

Automation can be defined a control system in order to operate an equipment such as processes in factories, machinery, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ship or any other application with minimum of human intervention.The very major advantage of automation is that it saves labor, in addition it saves energy and time too.

Under Automation training, Netmax Technologies provides practical exposure to SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ALLENBRADLEY PLCs and SCADA Systems

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Contents covered in automation training in ludhiana are featured as follows:

  • Introduction to Industrial Automation
  • Different parts and types of Industrial Automation
  • Architectural Evolution of PLC
  • PLC fundamentals
  • PLC Components
    • Power Supply
    • I/O Modules
    • CPU
    • Communication Bus
  • Various ranges available in PLC’s
  • Types of Inputs and Outputs
  • Source sink concept

Automation training in ludhiana helps you build a system that is improved in following ways.

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased consistency
  • Improved quality
Various Automation Tools :

Engineers are able to have numeric control over the automated devices. Various tools for automation training in ludhiana involves:

  • ANN (Artificial Neural Networks)
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Robotics

Automation training deals with the automation of material handling processes, manufacturing and quality control.
General purpose controllers in industrial automation training may include PLCs, I/O modules and computers.

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