training in ludhiana at advance level is now offered at Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a Microsoft server side scripting language that is used to develop dynamic webpages where ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a .net framework released by the Microsoft in 2002 for web development.We call pages as web forms. There are two methodologies for these web forms:

    • Web Application Format : applications need to be complied before deployment. training in ludhiana training in ludhiana training in ludhiana asp training in ludhiana

  • Website format: Users can directly copy the files on server without prior compilation.

Both methodologies are covered at training in ludhiana at Netmax Technologies serves us with the performance benefits over other server side scripting languages. The dll files on the server or the assemblies contain MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) for running in the Common RunTime Environment. This feature boosts it over other scripting languages.

Featured are the details about the concepts covered in training in ludhiana :
  • Introduction to .net framework
  • Introducing VISUAL STUDIO, Web Forms, Server Controls and .net applications
  • Fundamentals of
    • Data Set and the Data Componenets
    • Rich Data Controls
    • Data Binding
    • Files and Streams
    • LINQ and XML
  • Website making
    • User Controls
    • Themes and Master Pages
    • Website navigation controls
    • Deploying site in
  • Security Controls
    • Forms Authentication
    • Membership & Roles
    • Profile Security
    • Authorization
    • Windows Authentication in
  • MVC framework
    • Urls and Routing
    • Controllers
    • Views
    • Models and Data Entry
    • Deploying a Project

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