Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is offering the wordpress training in ludhiana to the interested candidates.

WordPress is the most popular CMS today in the market. CMS refers to the Content Management System, an open source framework freely available to develop the websites on GUI Interface platform. WordPress features basically includes the plugins and the templates system to deploy the website.

One can easily install the wordpress on one’s site and switch to various online themes available for your site. Plugins are also available to increase the functionality of the website theme. You can also learn by admitting yourself in wordpress training in ludhiana at Netmax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Various features that makes wordpress so popular are :

wordpress training in ludhiana wordpress training in ludhiana wordpress training in ludhiana wordpress1

  • WordPress is a user friendly CMS Platform to develop the websites.
  • Its awesome plugins make your site more flexible and with vast functionality.
  • WordPress sites are considered to be Google friendly also.
  • One can easily maintain the SEO of their sites. Sites are fetched by Search Engines very easily
  • Its coding uses PHP and MySQL as its development languages
  • In addition to pre-defined themes one can also implement their own personal themes or styles in WordPress sites.
Topics to be covered at wordpress training in ludhiana are :
  • Installation of the wordpress
  • Applying the theme and its customization
  • Installing and implementing plugins
  • Creating pages, posts and menus on website
  • Creating metas for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Converting simple HTML site to wordpress site
  • Manipulating the internal PHP , HTML or CSS codes of wordpress files
  • Implementing ecommerce on website
  • Deploying a website

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